Ungewöhnliche Ideen für Ihren nächsten Gehaltssprung

Kürzlich wurde ich von einem Freund, der angestellt tätig ist, gefragt, ob ich nicht auch für ihn ein paar Tipps für mehr Gehalt hätte. Mein erster Impuls war „Nein“ zu sagen. Normalerweise schreibe ich meine Beiträge ja für Unternehmen und Unternehmer. Es geht immer in irgendeiner Form darum mehr Geld zu verdienen – sei es […]

Online-Glücksspiel? Aber sicher! – 5 Tipps für mehr Sicherheit beim Online-Glücksspiel

Online-Glücksspiele haben in den letzten Jahren massiv an Popularität gewonnen und Spieler aus der ganzen Welt haben eine große Anzahl von Websites zur Auswahl. Online-Glücksspiele bergen jedoch einige Risiken, wie zum Beispiel versteckte Kosten, Datenmissbrauch und intransparente Gewinnauszahlung. Natürlich können Glücksspiele auch süchtig machen, und es ist wichtig zu wissen, wann man aufhören sollte. Damit […]

SHIVA BABY Full Reviews Of Movie

The delicious fear that defines the audience experience of Emma Seligman’s first film, Shiva Baby, begins with the very first scene – a call from mom during sex-and only stops when the credits begin. The Film takes place over the course of a day and, with the exception of the opening scene, is entirely set […]

DOCTOR SLEEP New Movie Update

There is one important piece of information that you need to know before you see Doctor Sleep, who, like me, owned the masterpiece the Shining, will already know. Stephen King hated Stanley Kubrick’s Shining. He hated this because of Kubrick’s infidelity with the source material, but, of course, not everyone shared his opinion. This posed […]


History: Hutch Mansell is a typical suburb of nebbish. Nobody takes him seriously, everyone passes in front of him, even his family does not pay much attention to him, except for his charming little girl. All this changes one night when burglars break into his house. He does nothing that disappoints his wife and son. This […]

New Movie Full Review : The World To Come

2021 was an interesting year for queer film, although there were not many memorable photos. Only J Blakeson’s I Care a Lot and Harry Macqueen’s Supernova are worth searching for. One of them is a sizzling dark comedy and twisted delights with a career-defining performance by Rosamund Pike; the other is a sober, human portrait […]

New Movie Whole Review: Supernova

Let’s face it: films about terminal health issues, as a rule, are full of laborious emotional manipulations. The health issue in question is primarily used as a plot device rather than plunging into an exploration of the figure’s mortality of the protagonist in question. Our friend by Gabriela Cowperthwaite was a new film that used […]

Movies Update – GHOST

Spawned by writer-director Anthony z James ‘ Short Day One, which followed the same protagonist as the one seen here in Tony, Ghost will carve a bigger story out of the short’s premise. In Ghost, Tony (Anthony Mark Streeter’s madman) is a newly released man who navigates his first day in a world he is […]

Denial – A Short Film With Fantastic Reviews

With a time of less than three minutes, this micro short is a simple, fun and entertaining watch, despite one or two slight problems. What’s this? Just another day in the life of a happy (?) Couple My Opinion Misti Dawn Garritano not only wrote this short film, but she also donned several hats during […]

THE INVISIBLE MAN – New & Fantastic Movies

The People have spoken. They had avoided the idea of another filmy universe when Universal Studio attempted to revive the common monster universe in the form of”The Dark Universe”. I was all for this idea because I thought it was important for people to rediscover these movies, but Universal did it completely wrong. Now that […]

TREAD – Full Movie Reviews

Greetings again from the darkness. If it’s not so tragic, this story might fit better in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. What better description is there for a small-town welder who builds an armored bulldozer, the gun, and then takes him on a vendetta, finishing the buildings, homes, and businesses of those he believes have […]


It’s a shame that Fred Rogers is well known only to Americans because I think he would have quite well suited to British television. I guess you could say that the British equivalent of Mister Rogers ‘ neighborhood was Jim’ll Fix It, but the less we talked about it, the better. To see the real […]

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – A Full Movie Reviews

Greetings again from the darkness. “What will you do when they come for you?”In this third entry in the franchise, these lyrics are what we ask of the arrogant and aging Miami detective Mike Lowery (Will Smith). An Old matter returns to haunt him, and a despised lover returns to hunt him down, and he […]

THE HOST Was The Fantastic Horror Movie

Greetings again from the darkness. The success of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” inspired many authors and filmmakers to plunge headlong into the Genre. The results were mixed – some really creative works and some Ho-Hum imitators. What was interesting to see was the genre-bending (or stretching) when, what would have traditionally been an exciting […]

THE CALL OF THE WILD – A Full Movie Reviews

I did not know how old was the history of the vocation of nature. It is noteworthy to know that this history of loyal dog society is more than 100 years old! With a film adaptation that already had three different adaptations back to 1923.It is as if the canine equivalent of a star was […]

1917 – New & Fantastic Movie

This Film has already been built into a giant off-scale epic. Since this is Sam Mendes ‘next project, having breathed new life into the Bond Franchise, and the source material has a personal connection to Mendes (the stories of Mendes’ grandfather, Alfred H. Mendes), everything indicates that this Film would be very personal and therefore […]

CLEMENCY – A Full Movie Reviews

Greetings again from the darkness. Surely they complain about their work. Most of all do. But what if your career had led to you overseeing a dozen court-mandated executions and the next one was already planned? In her first feature film, screenwriter and director Chinonye Chukwu takes us into the world of guard Bernadine Williams, […]