New Movie Full Review : The World To Come

2021 was an interesting year for queer film, although there were not many memorable photos. Only J Blakeson’s I Care a Lot and Harry Macqueen’s Supernova are worth searching for. One of them is a sizzling dark comedy and twisted delights with a career-defining performance by Rosamund Pike; the other is a sober, human portrait […]

New Movie Whole Review: Supernova

Let’s face it: films about terminal health issues, as a rule, are full of laborious emotional manipulations. The health issue in question is primarily used as a plot device rather than plunging into an exploration of the figure’s mortality of the protagonist in question. Our friend by Gabriela Cowperthwaite was a new film that used […]

THE INVISIBLE MAN – New & Fantastic Movies

The People have spoken. They had avoided the idea of another filmy universe when Universal Studio attempted to revive the common monster universe in the form of”The Dark Universe”. I was all for this idea because I thought it was important for people to rediscover these movies, but Universal did it completely wrong. Now that […]