DOCTOR SLEEP New Movie Update

There is one important piece of information that you need to know before you see Doctor Sleep, who, like me, owned the masterpiece the Shining, will already know. Stephen King hated Stanley Kubrick’s Shining. He hated this because of Kubrick’s infidelity with the source material, but, of course, not everyone shared his opinion. This posed […]

Movies Update – GHOST

Spawned by writer-director Anthony z James ‘ Short Day One, which followed the same protagonist as the one seen here in Tony, Ghost will carve a bigger story out of the short’s premise. In Ghost, Tony (Anthony Mark Streeter’s madman) is a newly released man who navigates his first day in a world he is […]

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – A Full Movie Reviews

Greetings again from the darkness. “What will you do when they come for you?”In this third entry in the franchise, these lyrics are what we ask of the arrogant and aging Miami detective Mike Lowery (Will Smith). An Old matter returns to haunt him, and a despised lover returns to hunt him down, and he […]

1917 – New & Fantastic Movie

This Film has already been built into a giant off-scale epic. Since this is Sam Mendes ‘next project, having breathed new life into the Bond Franchise, and the source material has a personal connection to Mendes (the stories of Mendes’ grandfather, Alfred H. Mendes), everything indicates that this Film would be very personal and therefore […]