Denial – A Short Film With Fantastic Reviews

With a time of less than three minutes, this micro short is a simple, fun and entertaining watch, despite one or two slight problems.

What’s this?

Just another day in the life of a happy (?) Couple

My Opinion

Misti Dawn Garritano not only wrote this short film, but she also donned several hats during the film, including the lead role. In terms of writing, Misti has done a great job developing a script that adapts to such a small runtime. The short film has a story to tell, and it does it well. He does not try to overdo it, which is to his advantage. A smart story that builds for two minutes before delivering the punch line in the final moments. I really enjoyed the story.

Smart camera work is used to hide the fact that the woman is pregnant. Use angles to hide the view of the public to hide objects from the woman to her bump.These tricks are used with great effect to deceive the audience. That doesn’t change the short film and you don’t see it coming. It was very well done.

Overall, the short film was very well framed. Garritano, who co-directed with Mackenzie Leigh Barmen, delivered a visually appealing short film. Since it was filmed in a real house, it is not easy to get the perfect plan, as conditions can be cramped and uncomfortable, but we are served with visually interesting plans that do a great job of telling the story. The camera tracks the actors around the house with ots footage that made me feel as if it was almost a reality TV show. The “trembling hand camera”, which usually does not seem promising to me, really does the work here. The shots, as a rule, are vivid and colorful, which makes the eye visually interesting and pleasant. Editing was generally sharp and fast, which helped push the story forward quickly, but I felt like one or two of the cuts were a bit rough.

I liked the score, which was composed by Misti Dawn Garritano and interpreted by Tessa Dolce. This cheerful music helps to tell the story and responds to the actions that take place on the screen. A piece of music so intelligent that I felt very well worked. He gave the short that something more.

The revelation was a bit clumsy. I felt as if the revelation had worked better showing John panicking on pregnancy tests before revealing the woman’s bump. I feel that this would have had more impact and that the bump explained the confusion about the results of the pregnancy tests, rather than the other way around.

I felt that the two stars of the short film did not have much chemistry on the screen. While Cox and Garritano both performed strongly, I didn’t buy them as a married couple. I do not know if it was because there was simply not enough screen time to develop a relationship between the two characters. Within three minutes it is quite difficult to tell a story, let alone develop a relationship between the characters that the audience will buy. In addition, the couple does not share much screen time together. However, I just didn’t buy a romantic connection between the two.

Excellent performance

Misti Dawn Garritano plays the woman. Misti is certainly a woman of many talents who performs several tasks for the short film, including the composition of the excellent score. Her performance was as successful as the eye rolling wife. His body game really impressed, because it seemed very natural.

Timothy J. Cox plays husband John. Cox puts a good change in this movie. Being extremely short on time means that the screen time for one of the actors is at a minimum. However, Cox proves that he is a reliable hand and puts in a solid performance his reaction while he weighs the results of the pregnancy tests is comical, even if it is a little exaggerated, all contributing to the fun nature of the short.


Denial is a very entertaining and funny short film. A solid and entertaining story that maintains a good rhythm and a strong performance of its cast, all held by a fantastic score. A lack of chemistry and a slightly clumsy revelation does not soften a well-made and entertaining short film.

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