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Greetings again from the darkness. If it’s not so tragic, this story might fit better in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. What better description is there for a small-town welder who builds an armored bulldozer, the gun, and then takes him on a vendetta, finishing the buildings, homes, and businesses of those he believes have “wronged”him? This actually happened in Granby, Colorado, in 2004, and the welder was named Marv Heemeyer.

Filmmaker Paul Solet begins the film with a recording of a 911 call and excerpts from the real events of June 4, 2004. Solet then moves on to reveal Heemeyer’s backstory, and how things escalated to the point where destruction and self-destruction seemed to be the only logical step for Him. Solet cleverly uses the self-recording of Heemeyer (via an audio cassette) as a frame structure for the film. Heemeyer’s voice tells us what his plan was and why He had reached this level of desperation.

The interviews are important, and we hear from agents in the application of the law, were the places, that day, the ex-girlfriend of Heemeyer, Trisha MacDonald, her best friend, a young man from his club snowmobile, brothers, a family would have targeted Marv, and a journalist of the newspaper, Patrick Brower, who also wrote a book about the rampage of Heemeyer. News clips and replicas are used to show us what respondents are saying. In this matter, it is an effective approach.

It’s especially interesting to hear that Marv was mostly a likeable guy who clashed with the local politics of the city and county a few times. Marv was not part of the “good old boys club” and admits that he needs to “teach a lesson” to those he felt were out of his way to make life difficult for him. His bulldozer was a means for him to dole out justice that would not otherwise be served.

It’s a story of revenge told in a somewhat sympathetic way to Marv Heemeyer, a man who bills himself as” an American patriot.”The audio tape is clearly a confession of what he planned (and after realized), and it was clear that he knew it was a self-destruction mission. Listening to his RANT, we assume that some form of mental illness was involved, and his best friend describes him as a man who” spent too much time alone.”

The video clips of the carnage and the many law enforcement officers at the scene – all of whom were powerless to stop the bulldozer-are riveting and hard to see. Fortunately, in retrospect, we know that no one died that day, except the man in charge. Marv, a man of “Righteous Anger”, had his Day of Justice service and rare” Bulldozer Rampage ” headline from the front page a day after through a much bigger story.

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