BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – A Full Movie Reviews

Greetings again from the darkness. “What will you do when they come for you?”In this third entry in the franchise, these lyrics are what we ask of the arrogant and aging Miami detective Mike Lowery (Will Smith). An Old matter returns to haunt him, and a despised lover returns to hunt him down, and he may or may not have his former reliable partner Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) by his side.

It’s been 25 years since director Michael Bay introduced us to “Bayhem” with his first feature film, BAD BOYS. It took another 8 years for the sequel BAD BOYS II, and now 17 years after we get this long-awaited third film. Only instead of Michael Bay (who is repurposed as a producer and makes a cameo) lead the Belgian directors (and former film school friends) Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah. Fans of the franchise do not have to be surprised, because the two expected and necessary elements are present: partners badiner and Bayhem action.

Detective Mike Lowery (Smith) is an old-school bull with a badge, and Detective Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) is just ready to pop out of retirement at sunset as a pop with his family, including his new grandchild. Also back for his third race with the bad boys is Underlined Captain Howard played by Joe Pantoliano and the ever present Pepto Bismol.

Isabel Aretas (Kate del Castillo) was released from cage in Mexico by her son Armando (Jacob Scipio). Mother and son have two tasks: to take back their drug cartel and to take revenge on those responsible for their arrest and the passed away of Isabel’s husband. Oh yes, Isabel is a witch and a former lover of the cop recruits Mike Lowery. What a tangled canvas … and that’s without another surprise twist. Her revenge checklist includes many Miami dignitaries and a desire to make Lowery the last to die.

There’s another surprise at the beginning of the film, and that motivates Lowery to assert himself to solve the execute series – not yet knowing he’s on the list. Of course, Detective Burnett is out of retirement and you are forced to work with a new Special Forces team called AMMO. Moreover, none of the ” Ms ” represents the Millennium, and instead they are the advanced operations of the Miami Metro. The team is led by Rita (Paolo Nunez), another former Lowery lover, and includes badass Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens), hulky computer Whiz Dom (Alexander Ludwig), and sage-cracking Rafe (Charles Melton) as a verbal sparring partner for Lowery.

What follows are chases, filming, fantasy weapons, drones and helicopters. And many one-liners in stressful times. Lawrence is particularly effective with wit, and fans will be happier if he and Smith are jabbing back and forth. This time, much of their grief is focused on mortality and aging. The partners are close, but their life philosophies are very different. Of course, we get the finale of the fire, and this includes a helicopter and a beautiful hotel that has been left in ruins.

Chris Bremner, Peter Craig and Joe Carnahan (originally slated to realize) wrote the script and remain mostly true to what fans want – wit and action – while noting the 17 years that have passed for these bad guys, “Ride Together. The together ” always seemed like an foolish phrase for two cops, but the dynamics of partners are in full force here, even if this film (and the other two) is closer to live cartoons than a real detective thriller. The credits scene sets us up for BB4, and if they wait another 17 years, I reckon Will Smith will be 68 years old. Instead of a Porsche, he will drive a Buick.

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