THE HOST Was The Fantastic Horror Movie

Greetings again from the darkness. The success of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” inspired many authors and filmmakers to plunge headlong into the Genre. The results were mixed – some really creative works and some Ho-Hum imitators. What was interesting to see was the genre-bending (or stretching) when, what would have traditionally been an exciting drama or Thriller, horror elements were added to spice things up. This is my best Lead-In for director Andy Newbery’s film, based on a story by Laurence Lamers and adapted for the screen by Lamers, Finola Geraghty, Brenda Bishop and Zachary Weckstein.

Sixty years ago, it could have been an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” even down to the spell therapy sessions led by British actor Derek Jacobi as Dr. Hobson. He tells his patient (whose face we do not see) that his “matter is unusual and disturbing”.”We then see how the story unfolds … or maybe unravel is a better description. Robert Atkinson (played by Mike Beckingham, younger brother of Simon Pegg) is a bank clerk who spends a lunch break with a beautiful woman. Sarah (Margo Stilley, 9 songs) is married to Robert’s boss, and she clearly only has one use for Robert, as he has no money and his life is a mess.

It is not long before we find out that Robert has a lot of vices: playing, smoking, drinking and, of course, making love with married women. In a Moment that can be attributed to a desperate attempt to legitimize his existence, Robert grabs a cash deposit of 50,000 pounds from a new client of the bank and quickly goes to his favorite game room. Things are not going well, and Dumb-as-a-Rock Robert soon cuts a deal with the leader of the Chinese cartel Lau (played by the ever-reliable Togo Igawa).

Roberts ‘ matter sends him to Amsterdam, a city where many things can go wrong-and often do. Resident Vera Tribbe (Maryam Houssouni) offers Robert a room in his mansion and, as expected, things are not going well for him. The cartel and Robert’s brother, Steve (musician Dougie Poynter), are on the trail to find out what happened to Robert. DEA Agent Herbert Summers (played by Nigel Barber and his silky voice) is also involved, and what we find is a whole bunch of” nothing good ” thanks to the creepy rich Tribbe family.

Familiar faces appear throughout the Film, but it’s hard to delve into the feeling of fear when most of the characters make the silly decisions Geico made in their commercial on “The Running Car” and hide behind the chainsaws. The Lessons are quite simple. Don’t steal money. Do not sleep with your boss’s spouse. Don’t agree to run for the Chinese cartel… or any other combine taste. Only if you can ignore the lack of distrust of the characters, here you will find some enjoyment value.

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